The Beerburg Story


We LOVE brewing; however, our passion doesn’t stop with the beer. In our pursuit of quality we have formed a truly awesome team of very talented and passionate people. We have built a welcoming venue for everyone to enjoy. We are dedicated to responsible sourcing in every aspect of our brewery, right down to t-shirts made from 100% Texas organic cotton.

We strive to create a zero solid and liquid waste facility that provides its own energy and water. We continually push ourselves to do what is right, not what is easy. On that path, we have pushed ourselves to learn as much as we can, becoming trained herbalists and land stewards to better understand our land and the ingredients available to us. We believe that if all of this is done in a humble context, it will create an approachable, comfortable atmosphere enjoyed by anyone who comes to Beerburg.

The Beerburg History

Beerburg exists because we love the brewing culture and the community that surrounds it. We also have great respect for local businesses and the beautiful Texas hill country. It’s important that we have a positive, powerful impact in this community.

Before we knew we would be brewing professionally, we were attracted to the joy we felt from those working in the brewing industry. Whether working or enjoying each other’s brews in their time off, that joy was truly contagious. At first we thought there’s no way this community is this happy all the time. Now, with over 10 years of professional experience making beer we can attest that working in this industry is a ton of fun and never gets old.

The idea for Beerburg started in 2012 and has grown and developed with changes in the craft beer industry. We sought out a property, method of brewing, and an operational model that allows us to continue adapting as changes occur. We believe that brewing for on-site consumption, not retail distribution, gives us the opportunity to really pay attention to our customers’ experience and be an active member in the local business community. 

We want for you to feel that same excitement that we share with our peers and hope it is as inspiring to you as it is to us.

The Team

Trevor Nearburg

In 2011 I started homebrewing with my brother, Ross, and dad, Mark.  I got the bug and, after visiting a ton of breweries and hearing countless brewers gush over how much they absolutely loved their jobs, it occurred to me that I love brewing, love the culture and people, and that there was nothing really stopping me from making a career out of it.  So my brother and I devoted a year to learning, volunteering, and networking and eventually earned jobs at Real Ale stacking cases on the late night shift in the pack hall. We both advanced quickly, Ross becoming the Supply Chain Manager for Real Ale and me becoming Head Brewer of Uncle Billy’s.  From the moment I decided to make it a career, I have kept my eyes open to every issue, good or bad a brewery faces. Beerburg is the culmination of everything I think makes breweries great and I hope I have been able to execute that vision in a way that you feel the joy that brewing and the culture surrounding it brings me, my family, and my peers.

Gino Guerrero

I managed pubs in Houston during the 80’s and 90’s that featured local and regional music and imported beers. It was the best of both worlds in that I developed a taste for craft beer while making a name for myself in the music scene and bar/restaurant business.  In the early 2000’s I began brewing my own beer and friends encouraged me to go professional. A former band mate and distillery owner introduced me to his nephew, Hayden Winkler, and Hayden’s roommate, Trevor Nearburg. Both were Head Brewers at small brewpubs in South Austin.  I started working with Trevor at Uncle Billy’s, working my way up from washing kegs to full-time brewing, developing recipes, and innovating many of our processes. One morning Trevor came in to work and offered me the job of head brewer at Beerburg. I gladly accepted and never looked back!