About Us

We love brewing; however, our passion doesn’t stop there. We strive to source everything locally to support our community and peers. Sometimes, as with hops, ingredients are not available locally or there may be ethical issues with an industry. In these cases, we focus entirely on quality and responsible sourcing so that our commitment to small businesses remains intact. We feel it is extremely important that when you support our local business, there is a ripple effect to other Austin/Texas businesses and farms.

The Team

Trevor Nearburg

Owner & Brewmaster

In 2011 I started homebrewing with my brother, Ross, and dad, Mark. I got the bug and, after visiting a ton of breweries and hearing countless brewers gush over how much they absolutely loved their jobs, it occurred to me that I love brewing, love the culture and people, and that there was nothing really stopping me from making a career out of it.

Gino Guerrero

Head Brewer

I managed pubs in Houston during the 80’s and 90’s that featured local and regional music and imported beers. It was the best of both worlds in that I developed a taste for craft beer while making a name for myself in the music scene and bar/restaurant business. In the early 2000’s I began brewing my own beer and friends encouraged me to go professional.

Ricardo Gutierrez

General Manager & Chef

Ricardo grew up working in a family restaurant in South Texas, learning authentic Mexican and Puerto Rican food from his both his grandmothers and a gaggle of little old Mexican ladies that scared the shit out of him as a child. Ricardo came to Austin in the summer of ‘98 to attend college at the University of Texas at Austin and studied there until 2002 when he left the University to attend culinary school at Texas Culinary Academy.

Andrew Moran


From my work as a ship mechanic and later as a server/bartender I learned to work with heavy equipment and piping and developed a love and appreciation for beer and brewing. With these skills and an eye for cleanliness, I worked my way to becoming Beerburg’s Brewer. Most importantly, I rock a mean pair of rollerblades and can do a sweet backflip on a BMX bike into the lake.

Lizzy Crowne

Marketing & Design Guru

Lizzy runs Beerburg’s social media platforms, and designed the brewery’s interior space, like our eclectic lounge area (comprised of all locally-sourced consigned furniture to fit with our mission for sustainability). With a passion for social justice and all-things-local, she forms connections with local organizations to plan events around fundraising and advocacy. When she’s not doing Beerburg-things, Lizzy is working in the mental healthcare field, practicing yoga, or swimming around local parks with her and Trevor’s two pitbull rescues!