Updated 1/16/2024


Many years in the brewing industry have taught us that classic styles are damn good and tough to beat. When we strive to innovate, we don’t do it at the expense of a solid Pilsner or IPA; in fact, we’re usually drinking these styles while we come up with new recipes.


Mexican Lager


Our unofficial flagship brew, this Mexican Lager is a cut above your average corner store light lager. The organic heirloom blue corn we source from TexMalt turns the color of this beer a deep copper with incredible purple hues. The blue corn flavor is crisp, bright, and sweet. We recommend pairing it with just about everything on the menu.

ABV: 5%


This Bohemian-inspired recipe was brewed with a focus on our process to make a light, clean, crisp Texas Pilsner. We use reverse osmosis to remove most of the minerals from our well water allowing the Texas Pilsner malt and Crystal hops to shine. Pairs great with a game of fetch in our dog park!

ABV: 6%

Hazy IPA

Trail Driver Hazy IPA

This East Coast IPA is a tribute to the Idaho 7 hop. The tropical citrus flavors are boosted with stone fruit juiciness from late additions of El Dorado and the result is like biting into a perfectly ripe tangerine.

ABV: 6.6%
Red Ale

Revelry Red Ale

This ruby hued brew combines light honey sweetness with rich toffee and biscuit flavors from the toasted malts and just the lightest tough of hops to balance it out. This is as beautiful beer to look at as it is to drink due to it’s subtle complexity.

ABV: 5%
Violeta Lager

La Violeta Lager

A light, bodied, lower ABV complement to our popular Mexican Lager, this crisp lager is brewed with La Violeta Pilsner and organic  blue corn from TexMalt.  Perfectly paired with food from our aptly-named taqueria and clocking in at a cool 4.5%, this one will keep you refreshed through the hottest summer days.
ABV: 4.5%
devils claw beer

Devil’s Claw

This ultra crisp IPA is an ode to our love of Chinook hops. With a light pilsner base, and clean fermentation nothing stands in the way of Chinook added at all stages of the brewing process. Luminosa hops finish off the fermentation with bold mango, peach, and candied orange peel aromas.

ABV: 7%


Texas has so much to offer by way of ingredients and talented artisans. Whether it’s Fredericksburg peaches, peppers from an urban farm, or collaborations with local breweries, chefs, and musicians, each of these beers aim to showcase our community and culture through seasonal flavors and styles.




* December – February*

Imperial Russian Stout brewed with Cacao nibs and aged for 4 months in bourbon barrels. This winter seasonal boasts flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and bourbon sweetness with a roasty, warming finish.

ABV: 12%
Mugwort BW

Velvet Hippo

* December – February*

Our winter seasonal Barleywine prominitely features one of our favorite locally foraged ingredients: Mugwort. This herb imparts herbaceous, spicy, and savory flavors which are balanced with the rich, velvety oak flavors that develop over months of aging in bourbon barrels.  A warming alcohol finish makes this slow sipper a cold-weather favorite.

ABV: 13%
Juniper IPA


* December – February*

Juniper berries ripen in November, becoming plump with rich blueberry and juniper flavor. Chinook hops pair perfectly with deep pine and grapefruit flavors. Pale Malt adds just a touch of color and backbone to this winter IPA that will get you through any apocalyptic ice storms that come your way.

ABV: 7%