How many times have you walked down a trail and thought, “I wonder if any of these plants are edible or useful in any way”? If you’re a brewer, that question inevitably becomes, “I wonder if I can make a beer out of this?”.   Turns out that almost everything you see has a not-so-secret relationship […]


At the east end of our property sits a small field with a rainwater collection tank and wildlife water station, beautiful morning sun, and access to both our wildflower field and permaculture gardens. These conditions create an ideal home for honey bees. We hope to start small with one or two hives and see how […]


Permaculture is a set of design principles that uses a “whole systems” approach to simulate or directly use the natural patterns and features of an ecosystem. Central to permaculture are three ethics and five principles:     Three Ethics: Earth care.  Caring for all living and nonliving things involves many decisions. Though we can’t all build […]