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Juniper IPA


Some of the best recipes are complete accidents. This was three brews that went terribly wrong: an IPA that didn’t get enough hops, and an Ashe Juniper Pale Ale and Yarrow Blonde that were way too aggressively bitter. Fortunately, the bigger batch of IPA mellowed the strong herbal bitterness from the Yarrow and Juniper and the result was a remarkably balanced IPA that became our undisputed top seller the entire time it was on tap. This recipe re-creates the magic of those three brews and is an incredible way to showcase some of the herbs typically reserved for our wildcraft series.

ABV: 6.3%Hops: Chinook, Azaaca, RakauGrain: Pilsner, Crystal 40, RyeSpecial Ingredients: Ashe Juniper bows, YarrowYeast: Community Cultures - CaligirlAvailibility: Summer

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